Ultra-Compact SMD Common Mode Chokes – SPDL Series

Signal Transformer's SPDL series is ideal for differential noise suppression in automotive, industrial, and consumer electronics applications

Image of Signal Transformer's Ultra Compact SMD Common Mode Chokes – SPDL Series Signal Transformer offers a family of ultra-compact SMD common mode chokes for EMI suppression of differential mode noise as required for filtering signals over network interfaces. The SPDL series is offered in four metric size codes and twenty-six different components of the SPDL, including 2012, 3216, 3225, and 4532 types. The SPDL series of SMD common mode chokes feature an impedance range of 90 ohms to 2200 ohms, rated current capacity from 150 mA to 400 mA, and an operating temperature range from -40°C to +125°C.

Choke Symbol

Image of Signal Transformer's SPDL Series Choke diagram

  • Differential mode EMI noise suppression
  • AECQ-200 Certification
  • Two-line configuration
  • No distortion of high-speed signals
  • Wire wound SMD topology and ferrite core
  • Four standard SMD surface mount platforms
  • Operating temperature range: -40°C to +125°C
  • Current ratings up to 400 mA
  • Automotive infotainment, multimedia, ADAS (Ethernet, CANbus, Flexray, and USB)
  • Personal computers
  • USB
  • Telecommunications
  • High-speed signal transmission lines
  • Misc. PC peripherals
  • Digital cameras
  • Scanners

SPDL Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionFilter TypeAvailable QuantityView Details
CMC 51UH 230MA 2LN SMD AEC-Q200SPDL4532-510-2P-TCMC 51UH 230MA 2LN SMD AEC-Q200Signal Line500 - ImmediateView Details
CMC 100UH 200MA 2LN SMD AEC-Q200SPDL4532-101-2P-TCMC 100UH 200MA 2LN SMD AEC-Q200Signal Line368 - ImmediateView Details
CMC 11UH 360MA 2LN SMD AEC-Q200SPDL4532-110-2P-TCMC 11UH 360MA 2LN SMD AEC-Q200Signal Line499 - ImmediateView Details
CMC 100UH 150MA 2LN SMD AEC-Q200SPDL3225-101-2P-TCMC 100UH 150MA 2LN SMD AEC-Q200Signal Line1990 - ImmediateView Details
CMC 22UH 310MA 2LN SMD AEC-Q200SPDL4532-220-2P-TCMC 22UH 310MA 2LN SMD AEC-Q200Signal Line495 - ImmediateView Details
CMC 300MA 2LN 360OHM SMD AECQ200SPDL2012-361-2P-TCMC 300MA 2LN 360OHM SMD AECQ200Signal Line1184 - ImmediateView Details
CMC 200MA 2LN 2.2KOHM SMDSPDL3216-222-2P-TCMC 200MA 2LN 2.2KOHM SMDSignal Line20 - ImmediateView Details
CMC 400MA 2LN 90 OHM SMD AECQ200SPDL2012-900-2P-TCMC 400MA 2LN 90 OHM SMD AECQ200Signal Line1920 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2021-05-11