Authorized Distributor

Customers buying from authorized corporations can be assured that purchased products are of the highest quality, adhere to all government and industry standards and regulations, and that they will stand behind their product.


ECIA ECIA - The Electronic Components Industry Association (ECIA) supports the expanding needs of and interests of the global supply chain. Made up of members representing companies of every size and every sector of the electronic components industry, the ECIA provides a voice for their affiliates on vital issues to the electronic component supply chain. Committees within ECIA develop and maintain global standards and guidelines for the industry, assuring the delivery of quality product to international customers. The ECIA also promotes the industry as a whole, researching new processes, offering support and advocacy services for members, and helping the industry move forward successfully. For more information, visit ECIA online at:


CEDA CEDA - Founded by leading international distributors of electronic components, the China Electronics Distributor Alliance (CEDA) was created, in partnership with the Chinese government, to serve as a link between the government sector and the electronics supply chain. The establishment of CEDA has far-reaching significance in promoting franchised distributors’ value-added services, encouraging technical and service innovations and gaining support on government incentive policies. The most significant function of this partnership is to promote closer cooperation between component suppliers and their distributors. China is one of the fastest growing new markets in the world, and CEDA allows members to collaborate to find innovative ways in which to tap into this rich resource while still adhering to government policies, regulations, and standards. The CEDA logo ensures that your components are genuine. Please visit China Electronics Distribution Alliance online at:


ECSN ECSN - The primary roles of ECSN are to encourage greater collaboration in the electronic components supply network through the networking of industry leaders and their organisations, to facilitate wider communications between organisations thereby improving overall market visibility and opportunity identification, whilst leveraging best industry practice to reduce costs. Please visit the Electronic Component Supply Network online at:

As a dedicated member to these organizations, you can be sure that components received from Digi-Key™ are factory warranted, top-quality, manufacturer authorized. We don't accept less – and you shouldn't either.