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Gecko Micro-Miniature Connectors

Harwin Inc

This presentation will provide an overview of the Gecko Connector line from Harwin. It will explain where micro-miniature connectors are used. Additionally, it will cover the features of the Gecko micro-miniature connectors and provide performance ratings of these products.

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Gecko Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
G125-0010005 datasheet link1.25MM F CONTACT 26AWGG125-00100051.25MM F CONTACT 26AWG63448 - Immediate
G125-0010005 product page link
G125-0020005 datasheet link1.25MM F CONTACT 28-32AWGG125-00200051.25MM F CONTACT 28-32AWG8640 - Immediate
G125-0020005 product page link
G125-FW10450L94 datasheet link1.25MM F ON 26AWG 450MMG125-FW10450L941.25MM F ON 26AWG 450MM4430 - Immediate
G125-FW10450L94 product page link
G125-MS10605L3P datasheet link1.25MM M HSG 6POS SMTG125-MS10605L3P1.25MM M HSG 6POS SMT982 - Immediate
G125-MS10605L3P product page link
G125-MS11005L3P datasheet link1.25MM M HSG 10POS SMTG125-MS11005L3P1.25MM M HSG 10POS SMT1317 - Immediate
G125-MS11005L3P product page link
G125-MS11205L3P datasheet link1.25MM M VERT SMT 2X6 POSG125-MS11205L3P1.25MM M VERT SMT 2X6 POS754 - Immediate
G125-MS11205L3P product page link
G125-FV10605L0P datasheet link1.25MM F HSG 6POSG125-FV10605L0P1.25MM F HSG 6POS2568 - Immediate
G125-FV10605L0P product page link
G125-MS12005L3P datasheet link1.25MM M VERT SMT 2X10 POSG125-MS12005L3P1.25MM M VERT SMT 2X10 POS565 - Immediate
G125-MS12005L3P product page link
G125-MH11605L1P datasheet linkCONN HDR 1.25MM R/A PCB 16POSG125-MH11605L1PCONN HDR 1.25MM R/A PCB 16POS586 - Immediate
G125-MH11605L1P product page link
G125-FV11605L0P datasheet link1.25MM F VERT 3.0MM 2X8 POSG125-FV11605L0P1.25MM F VERT 3.0MM 2X8 POS1070 - Immediate
G125-FV11605L0P product page link
G125-FS11605L0P datasheet link1.25MM F VERT SMT 2X8 POSG125-FS11605L0P1.25MM F VERT SMT 2X8 POS203 - Immediate
G125-FS11605L0P product page link
G125-FS12005L0P datasheet link1.25MM F VERT SMT 2X10 POSG125-FS12005L0P1.25MM F VERT SMT 2X10 POS169 - Immediate
G125-FS12005L0P product page link
G125-MS15005L0P datasheet link1.25MM M HSG 50POS SMTG125-MS15005L0P1.25MM M HSG 50POS SMT717 - Immediate
G125-MS15005L0P product page link
G125-FV15005L0P datasheet link1.25MM F HSG 50POSG125-FV15005L0P1.25MM F HSG 50POS235 - Immediate
G125-FV15005L0P product page link
G125-1020005 datasheet link1.25MM M CONTACT 28-32AWGG125-10200051.25MM M CONTACT 28-32AWG3277 - Immediate
G125-1020005 product page link
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PTM Published on: 2014-10-27