Fuseology - Introduction to Fuses

Littelfuse Inc

This presentation will provide an introduction about fuses and the key characteristics that describe a fuse. Additionally, it will cover the basic purpose of a fuse, the different types of construction, the operation of a fuse during abnormal events, and the basic electrical & thermal characteristics. Finally, the key criteria for selecting a fuse will be covered.

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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
2410SFV2.00FM/125-2 datasheet linkFUSE BRD MNT 2A 125VAC/VDC 24102410SFV2.00FM/125-2FUSE BRD MNT 2A 125VAC/VDC 241014681 - Immediate
2410SFV2.00FM/125-2 product page link
0458005.DR datasheet linkFUSE BRD MNT 5A 32VAC 75VDC 12060458005.DRFUSE BRD MNT 5A 32VAC 75VDC 120619415 - Immediate
0458005.DR product page link
0452002.NRL datasheet linkFUSE BOARD MNT 2A 125VAC/VDC SMD0452002.NRLFUSE BOARD MNT 2A 125VAC/VDC SMD56537 - Immediate
0452002.NRL product page link
0473005.MRT1L datasheet linkFUSE BRD MNT 5A 125VAC/VDC AXIAL0473005.MRT1LFUSE BRD MNT 5A 125VAC/VDC AXIAL17603 - Immediate
0473005.MRT1L product page link
37205000411 datasheet linkFUSE BOARD MNT 500MA 250VAC RAD37205000411FUSE BOARD MNT 500MA 250VAC RAD10335 - Immediate
37205000411 product page link
0217.032HXP datasheet linkFUSE GLASS 32MA 250VAC 5X20MM0217.032HXPFUSE GLASS 32MA 250VAC 5X20MM30214 - Immediate
0217.032HXP product page link
0297010.WXNV datasheet linkFUSE AUTO 10A 32VDC BLADE MINI0297010.WXNVFUSE AUTO 10A 32VDC BLADE MINI47094 - Immediate
0297010.WXNV product page link
39211000000 datasheet linkFUSE BOARD MNT 1A 250VAC RADIAL39211000000FUSE BOARD MNT 1A 250VAC RADIAL3729 - Immediate
39211000000 product page link
0402SFF100F/24-2 datasheet linkFUSE BOARD MOUNT 1A 24VDC 04020402SFF100F/24-2FUSE BOARD MOUNT 1A 24VDC 040224666 - Immediate
0402SFF100F/24-2 product page link
0467003.NRHF datasheet linkFUSE BOARD MNT 3A 32VAC/VDC 06030467003.NRHFFUSE BOARD MNT 3A 32VAC/VDC 060337827 - Immediate
0467003.NRHF product page link
39211000440 datasheet linkFUSE BOARD MNT 1A 250VAC RADIAL39211000440FUSE BOARD MNT 1A 250VAC RADIAL5730 - Immediate
39211000440 product page link
0446002.ZRP datasheet linkFUSE BOARD MNT 2A 350VAC 125VDC0446002.ZRPFUSE BOARD MNT 2A 350VAC 125VDC919 - Immediate
0446002.ZRP product page link
0215001.MXESPP datasheet linkFUSE CERAMIC 1A 250VAC 5X20MM0215001.MXESPPFUSE CERAMIC 1A 250VAC 5X20MM00215001.MXESPP product page link
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PTM Published on: 2015-06-01