Image of Harwin's M300 Connector Series

M300 Connector Series

Harwin Inc

This module will provide an overview of the M300 series and the benefits of the product line. It will also highlight the main features of each connector type and explain their advantages.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeAvailable QuantityView Details
M300-0010045 datasheet linkCONN SOCK CRIMP 18-20AWG GOLDM300-0010045CONN SOCK CRIMP 18-20AWG GOLDPower1847 - Immediate
M300-0010045 product page link
M300-MV10345M1 datasheet linkCONN HDR 3MM VERT PCB 3POSM300-MV10345M1CONN HDR 3MM VERT PCB 3POSHeader1218 - Immediate
M300-MV10345M1 product page link
M300-2250396F2 datasheet linkCONN RECEPT 3MM 3POSM300-2250396F2CONN RECEPT 3MM 3POSReceptacle509 - Immediate
M300-2250396F2 product page link
M300-MV30645M1 datasheet linkCONN HDR 3MM VERT PCB 6POSM300-MV30645M1CONN HDR 3MM VERT PCB 6POSHeader1228 - Immediate
M300-MV30645M1 product page link
M300-2240696F2 datasheet linkCONN RECEPT 3MM 6POSM300-2240696F2CONN RECEPT 3MM 6POSReceptacle698 - Immediate
M300-2240696F2 product page link
Z80-058 datasheet linkDATAMATE CRIMP POSITIONERZ80-058DATAMATE CRIMP POSITIONERRectangular Contacts, 18-20 AWG7 - Immediate
Z80-058 product page link
M300-1020045 datasheet linkCONN PIN CRIMP 22AWG GOLDM300-1020045CONN PIN CRIMP 22AWG GOLDPower113 - Immediate
M300-1020045 product page link
M300-2241096F2 datasheet linkCONN RECEPT 3MM 10POSM300-2241096F2CONN RECEPT 3MM 10POSReceptacle90 - Immediate
M300-2241096F2 product page link
Z300-902 datasheet linkTOOL INSERT/REMOVE FOR M300Z300-902TOOL INSERT/REMOVE FOR M300Rectangular Contacts, 18-22 AWG7 - Immediate
Z300-902 product page link
M300-1010045 datasheet linkCONN PIN CRIMP 18-20AWG GOLDM300-1010045CONN PIN CRIMP 18-20AWG GOLDPower888 - Immediate
M300-1010045 product page link
M300-3241096M1 datasheet linkCONN PLUG 3MM 10POSM300-3241096M1CONN PLUG 3MM 10POSPlug72 - Immediate
M300-3241096M1 product page link
M300-FV1034500 datasheet linkCONN FEM HDR 3MM VERT PCB 3POSM300-FV1034500CONN FEM HDR 3MM VERT PCB 3POSReceptacle47 - Immediate
M300-FV1034500 product page link
Z9953-00 datasheet linkSCREWDRIVER HEX 2MM 6.18"Z9953-00SCREWDRIVER HEX 2MM 6.18"Hex13 - Immediate
Z9953-00 product page link
M300-0020045 datasheet linkCONN SOCK CRIMP 22AWG GOLDM300-0020045CONN SOCK CRIMP 22AWG GOLDPower0M300-0020045 product page link
M300-MV31045M1 datasheet linkCONN HDR 3MM VERT PCB 10POSM300-MV31045M1CONN HDR 3MM VERT PCB 10POSHeader0M300-MV31045M1 product page link
M300-FV3104500 datasheet linkCONN FEM HDR 3MM VERT PCB 10POSM300-FV3104500CONN FEM HDR 3MM VERT PCB 10POSReceptacle0M300-FV3104500 product page link
M300-3250396M1 datasheet linkCONN PLUG 3MM 3POSM300-3250396M1CONN PLUG 3MM 3POSPlug0M300-3250396M1 product page link
M300-3240696M1 datasheet linkCONN PLUG 3MM 6POSM300-3240696M1CONN PLUG 3MM 6POSPlug0M300-3240696M1 product page link
M300-FV3064500 datasheet linkCONN FEM HDR 3MM VERT PCB 6POSM300-FV3064500CONN FEM HDR 3MM VERT PCB 6POSReceptacle16 - Immediate
M300-FV3064500 product page link
PTM Published on: 2018-01-03