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Analog Devices optical sensors are optical sensing front ends that include integrated ultra-low noise amplification and high performance photodiodes. These solutions are used to achieve the highest performance for instrumentation, industrial, or clinical applications; or to optimize a solution to achieve the lowest power dissipation at a given performance level for battery-powered and portable applications.


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Optical Sensors

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ADPD188BI-ACEZR7 datasheet linkSENSOR OPT 470NM/850NM AMB 24LGAADPD188BI-ACEZR7SENSOR OPT 470NM/850NM AMB 24LGACut Tape (CT)ActiveAmbient652 - Immediate
ADPD188BI-ACEZR7 product page link
ADPD188GG-ACEZR7 datasheet linkSENSOR OPT 525NM AMB 24LGA-CAVADPD188GG-ACEZR7SENSOR OPT 525NM AMB 24LGA-CAVCut Tape (CT)ActiveAmbient1353 - Immediate
1000 - Factory Stock
ADPD188GG-ACEZR7 product page link
ADPD2211ACPZ-R7 datasheet linkSENSOR OPT 528NM AMBIENT 8LFCSPADPD2211ACPZ-R7SENSOR OPT 528NM AMBIENT 8LFCSPCut Tape (CT)ActiveAmbient700 - Immediate
3000 - Factory Stock
ADPD2211ACPZ-R7 product page link
ADPD2214ACPZ-R7 datasheet linkSENSOR OPT 528NM AMBIENT 10LFCSPADPD2214ACPZ-R7SENSOR OPT 528NM AMBIENT 10LFCSPCut Tape (CT)Discontinued at Digi-KeyAmbient0ADPD2214ACPZ-R7 product page link
ADUX1020BCPZRL7 datasheet linkSENSOR OPT 960NM AMBIENT 8LFCSPADUX1020BCPZRL7SENSOR OPT 960NM AMBIENT 8LFCSPCut Tape (CT)ActiveAmbient, Gesture420 - Immediate
12000 - Factory Stock
ADUX1020BCPZRL7 product page link
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