Sensor Technologies

Optical Sensors

Analog Devices optical sensors are optical sensing front ends that include integrated ultra-low noise amplification and high performance photodiodes. These solutions are used to achieve the highest performance for instrumentation, industrial, or clinical applications; or to optimize a solution to achieve the lowest power dissipation at a given performance level for battery-powered and portable applications.

    Part Number Output Type Peak Sensitivity Wavelength (meters) Input Referred Noise Floor (A rms) Operating Temp Range Ios (typ) (A) Iout (max) (A)    
ADPD2214 Product Page ADPD2214 Product Page ADPD2214 Current 550n 90f -40 to 85°C 10n 240µ ADPD2214 Datasheet Link Link to EVALZ-ADPD2214 Evaluation Kit
ADPD2212 Product Page ADPD2212 Product Page ADPD2212 Current 680n 90f -40 to 85°C 10n 240µ ADPD2212 Datasheet Link Link to EVALZ-ADPD2212 Evaluation Kit
ADPD2211 Product Page ADPD2211 Product Page ADPD2211 Current 850n 90f -40 to 85°C 10n 240µ ADPD2211 Datasheet Link Link to EVALZ-ADPD2211 Evaluation Kit


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