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Capacitive Touch Controllers

Analog Devices (ADI) programmable capacitance-to-digital converters (CDC) are intended for use with capacitance sensors to implement functions such as buttons, scroll bars, and wheels and are ideal for use in portable and industrial designs. The sensors need only one PCB layer, enabling ultrathin applications. The CDCs, with on-chip environmental compensation, allow for the mitigation of humidity, temperature, and other environmental factors that can affect the operation of capacitance sensors.

    Part Number Resolution
View AD7142ACPZ-1500RL7 product page View AD7142ACPZ-1500RL7 product page AD7142ACPZ-1500RL7 16 b 250k 2.6 V ~ 3.6 V -40°C ~ 85°C AD7142ACPZ-1500RL7 Datasheet Link
View AD7142ACPZ-1REEL product page View AD7142ACPZ-1REEL product page AD7142ACPZ-1REEL 16 b 250k 2.6 V ~ 3.6 V -40°C ~ 85°C AD7142ACPZ-1REEL Datasheet Link
View AD7142ACPZ-500RL7 product page View AD7142ACPZ-500RL7 product page AD7142ACPZ-500RL7 16 b 250k 2.6 V ~ 3.6 V -40°C ~ 85°C XX Datasheet Link
View AD7147A-1ACBZ500R7 product page View AD7147A-1ACBZ500R7 product page AD7147A-1ACBZ500R7 16 b 250k 2.6 V ~ 3.6 V -40°C ~ 85°C AD7147A-1ACBZ500R7 Datasheet Link
View AD7147AACBZ-500RL7 product page View AD7147AACBZ-500RL7 product page AD7147AACBZ-500RL7 16 b 250k 2.6 V ~ 3.6 V -40°C ~ 85°C AD7147AACBZ-500RL7 Datasheet Link
View AD7147ACPZ-1500RL7 product page View AD7147ACPZ-1500RL7 product page AD7147ACPZ-1500RL7 16 b 250k 2.6 V ~ 3.6 V -40°C ~ 85°C AD7147ACPZ-1500RL7 Datasheet Link Link to EVAL-AD7147EBZ Evaluation Kit
View AD7147ACPZ-500RL7 product page View AD7147ACPZ-500RL7 product page AD7147ACPZ-500RL7 16 b 250k 2.6 V ~ 3.6 V -40°C ~ 85°C AD7147ACPZ-500RL7 Datasheet Link Link to EVAL-AD7147-1EBZ Evaluation Kit
View AD7147PACPZ-1500R7 product page View AD7147PACPZ-1500R7 product page AD7147PACPZ-1500R7 16 b 250k 2.6 V ~ 3.6 V -40°C ~ 85°C AD7147PACPZ-1500R7 Datasheet Link
View AD7147PACPZ-500R7 product page View AD7147PACPZ-500R7 product page AD7147PACPZ-500R7 16 b 250k 2.6 V ~ 3.6 V -40°C ~ 85°C AD7147PACPZ-500R7 Datasheet Link
View AD7147WPACPZ-1500R product page View AD7147WPACPZ-1500R product page AD7147WPACPZ-1500R 16 b 250k 2.6 V ~ 3.6 V -40°C ~ 85°C AD7147WPACPZ-1500R Datasheet Link
View AD7147WPACPZ-500R7 product page View AD7147WPACPZ-500R7 product page AD7147WPACPZ-500R7 16 b 250k 2.6 V ~ 3.6 V -40°C ~ 85°C AD7147WPACPZ-500R7 Datasheet Link
View AD7152BRMZ product page View AD7152BRMZ product page AD7152BRMZ 12 b 2.7 V ~ 3.6 V -40°C ~ 85°C AD7152BRMZ Datasheet Link Link to EVAL-AD7152EBZ Evaluation Kit
View AD7153BRMZ product page View AD7153BRMZ product page AD7153BRMZ 12 b 2.7 V ~ 3.6 V -40°C ~ 85°C AD7153BRMZ Datasheet Link
View AD7156BCPZ-REEL7 product page View AD7156BCPZ-REEL7 product page AD7156BCPZ-REEL7 12 b 100 K 1.8 V ~ 3.6 V -40°C ~ 85°C AD7156BCPZ-REEL7 Datasheet Link
View AD7745ARUZ product page View AD7745ARUZ product page AD7745ARUZ 24 b 2.7 V ~ 5.25 V -40°C ~ 125°C AD7745ARUZ Datasheet Link
View AD7746ARUZ product page View AD7746ARUZ product page AD7746ARUZ 24 b 2.7 V ~ 5.25 V -40°C ~ 125°C AD7746ARUZ Datasheet Link Link to EVAL-AD7746EBZ Evaluation Kit
View AD7747ARUZ product page View AD7747ARUZ product page AD7747ARUZ 24 b 2.7 V ~ 5.25 V -40°C ~ 125°C AD7747ARUZ Datasheet Link Link to EVAL-AD7747EBZ Evaluation Kit