Magnetic Rotary Position Sensors

AS516x and AS526x Magnetic Rotary Position Sensors for Automotive Applications


This module will introduce the features and benefits of this next generation family of magnetic sensors, compliant with rigorous ISO26262 standards.
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AS5162-HSOM datasheet linkPOS SENSOR ROTARY 12-BIT 8-SOICAS5162-HSOMPOS SENSOR ROTARY 12-BIT 8-SOIC2000 - Immediate
AS5162-HSOM product page link
AS5162-SO_EK_AB datasheet linkADAPTER BOARD FOR AS5162AS5162-SO_EK_ABADAPTER BOARD FOR AS51629 - Immediate
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AS5161-HSOP datasheet linkPOS SENSOR ROTARY 12-BIT 8-SOICAS5161-HSOPPOS SENSOR ROTARY 12-BIT 8-SOIC0AS5161-HSOP product page link
AS5161-HSOM datasheet linkPOS SENSOR ROTARY 12-BIT 8-SOICAS5161-HSOMPOS SENSOR ROTARY 12-BIT 8-SOIC0AS5161-HSOM product page link
AS5161-SO_EK_AB datasheet linkADAPTER BOARD FOR AS5161AS5161-SO_EK_ABADAPTER BOARD FOR AS51610AS5161-SO_EK_AB product page link
AS516X-SO_EK_SB datasheet linkSOCKET BOARD FOR AS5161/62AS516X-SO_EK_SBSOCKET BOARD FOR AS5161/621 - Immediate
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PTM Published on: 2012-12-03