1206 High Inrush Fast-Acting SMD Fuse – 0685P Series

Bel Fuse's fast-acting fuse features improved surge withstand performance with broad amperage range

Image of Bel Fuse 0685P High Inrush SMD FuseBel Fuse's fast-acting fuse features improved surge withstand performance. The 0685P series of fuses is unique in its broad amperage range from 2 A through 50 A in a small 1206 package size. These fuses are designed for printers, scanners, servers, notebooks, and many more applications where high current ratings are becoming a requirement.

  • UL Recognized (E20624)
  • Amperage range: 2 A through 50 A
  • Fast-acting with improved surge withstand performance
  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • Servers
  • PCs
  • Notebooks
  • Modems
  • Displays

0685P High Inrush SMD Fuse

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
FUSE 2A 63VDC FAST 1206 SMD0685P2000-01FUSE 2A 63VDC FAST 1206 SMD3187 - ImmediateView Details
FUSE 2.5A 63VDC FAST 1206 SMD0685P2500-01FUSE 2.5A 63VDC FAST 1206 SMD49804 - ImmediateView Details
FUSE 3A 63VDC FAST 1206 SMD0685P3000-01FUSE 3A 63VDC FAST 1206 SMD5598 - ImmediateView Details
FUSE 10A 50VDC FAST 1206 SMD0685P9100-01FUSE 10A 50VDC FAST 1206 SMD10122 - ImmediateView Details
FUSE 12A 50VDC FAST 1206 SMD0685P9120-01FUSE 12A 50VDC FAST 1206 SMD2932 - ImmediateView Details
FUSE 15A 50VDC FAST 1206 SMD0685P9150-01FUSE 15A 50VDC FAST 1206 SMD2760 - ImmediateView Details
FUSE 20A 50VDC FAST 1206 SMD0685P9200-01FUSE 20A 50VDC FAST 1206 SMD30 - ImmediateView Details
FUSE 3.5A 63VDC FAST 1206 SMD0685P3500-01FUSE 3.5A 63VDC FAST 1206 SMD140 - ImmediateView Details
FUSE 4A 63VDC FAST 1206 SMD0685P4000-01FUSE 4A 63VDC FAST 1206 SMD4725 - ImmediateView Details
FUSE 5A 63VDC FAST 1206 SMD0685P5000-01FUSE 5A 63VDC FAST 1206 SMD12219 - ImmediateView Details
FUSE 6A 63VDC FAST 1206 SMD0685P6000-01FUSE 6A 63VDC FAST 1206 SMD7788 - ImmediateView Details
FUSE 7A 63VDC FAST 1206 SMD0685P7000-01FUSE 7A 63VDC FAST 1206 SMD3482 - ImmediateView Details
FUSE 8A 63VDC FAST 1206 SMD0685P8000-01FUSE 8A 63VDC FAST 1206 SMD4924 - ImmediateView Details
FUSE 25A 50VDC FAST 1206 SMD0685P9250-01FUSE 25A 50VDC FAST 1206 SMD2254 - ImmediateView Details
FUSE 30A 50VDC FAST 1206 SMD0685P9300-01FUSE 30A 50VDC FAST 1206 SMD8200 - ImmediateView Details
FUSE 40A 32VDC FAST 1206 SMD0685P9400-01FUSE 40A 32VDC FAST 1206 SMD1524 - ImmediateView Details
FUSE 50A 32VDC FAST 1206 SMD0685P9500-01FUSE 50A 32VDC FAST 1206 SMD32193 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2019-08-14