4000 Series Buccaneer Connectors

Bulgin offers its most compact and versatile power and data connectors to date

Image of Bulgin's 4000 Series Buccaneer ConnectorsBulgin's 4000 series is perfect for power and data applications across a variety of markets requiring fast, dust-proof, and watertight connections. Its compact and versatile form factor also makes it ideal for equipment where space is at a premium.

Available in 3-, 8-, and 12-pole configurations rated up to 13 A, 600 V, plus a micro-B USB data connector, it offers a choice of solder and crimp contacts, and can accommodate cables from 3 mm to 7 mm in diameter. Together with a choice of in-line or panel mounting options, this makes the Buccaneer 4000 series ideally suited to a wide range of marine, industrial, transport, and infrastructure applications.

4000 Series Buccaneer Connectors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionShell Size - InsertAvailable QuantityView Details
PXP4083 datasheet linkCAP SEAL FOR PXP0413 PXP4043PXP4083CAP SEAL FOR PXP0413 PXP4043-332 - Immediate
PXP4083 product page link
PXP4040/B/2M00 datasheet linkCBL USB SEALED MICRO B TO A 2MPXP4040/B/2M00CBL USB SEALED MICRO B TO A 2MUSB 2.0230 - Immediate
PXP4040/B/2M00 product page link
PXP4013/08S datasheet linkCONN RCPT HSG FMALE 8POS PNL MTPXP4013/08SCONN RCPT HSG FMALE 8POS PNL MTFor Female Sockets172 - Immediate
PXP4013/08S product page link
PXP4013/03S datasheet linkCONN RCPT HSG FMALE 3POS PNL MTPXP4013/03SCONN RCPT HSG FMALE 3POS PNL MTFor Female Sockets122 - Immediate
PXP4013/03S product page link
PXP4013/03P datasheet linkCONN RCPT HSNG MALE 3POS PNL MTPXP4013/03PCONN RCPT HSNG MALE 3POS PNL MTFor Male Pins121 - Immediate
PXP4013/03P product page link
PXP4010/08P/6570 datasheet linkCONN PLUG HSG MALE 8POS INLINEPXP4010/08P/6570CONN PLUG HSG MALE 8POS INLINEFor Male Pins193 - Immediate
PXP4010/08P/6570 product page link
PXP4010/08S/6570 datasheet linkCONN PLG HSG FMALE 8POS INLINEPXP4010/08S/6570CONN PLG HSG FMALE 8POS INLINEFor Female Sockets150 - Immediate
PXP4010/08S/6570 product page link
PXP4013/03P/PC datasheet linkCONN RCPT MALE 3POS SOLDERPXP4013/03P/PCCONN RCPT MALE 3POS SOLDER3 (Power)182 - Immediate
PXP4013/03P/PC product page link
PXP4040/B/3M00 datasheet linkCBL USB SEALED MICRO B TO A 3MPXP4040/B/3M00CBL USB SEALED MICRO B TO A 3MUSB 2.0111 - Immediate
PXP4040/B/3M00 product page link
PXP4013/08S/PC datasheet linkCONN RCPT FMALE 8POS SOLDERPXP4013/08S/PCCONN RCPT FMALE 8POS SOLDER8 (Power)129 - Immediate
PXP4013/08S/PC product page link
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4000 Series Accessories

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionFor Use With/Related ProductsAvailable QuantityView Details
PXP4081 datasheet linkCAP SEAL FOR PXP0410 PXP4040PXP4081CAP SEAL FOR PXP0410 PXP4040PXP4010, PXP404021 - Immediate
PXP4081 product page link
PXP4089/WH datasheet link4000 COLOUR CODING ACCESSORY PACPXP4089/WH4000 COLOUR CODING ACCESSORY PACBuccaneer® 4000 Connectors0PXP4089/WH product page link
PXP4082 datasheet linkCAP SEAL FOR PXP0411PXP4082CAP SEAL FOR PXP0411PXP401159 - Immediate
PXP4082 product page link
PXP4088/0305 datasheet linkCABLE GLAND PACK 3-5MMPXP4088/0305CABLE GLAND PACK 3-5MMCable, 3.0 ~ 5.0mm31 - Immediate
PXP4088/0305 product page link
PXP4088/0507 datasheet linkCABLE GLAND PACK 5-7MMPXP4088/0507CABLE GLAND PACK 5-7MMCable, 5.0 ~ 7.0mm5 - Immediate
PXP4088/0507 product page link
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Published: 2016-04-13