NXP Brings Standard Packages to RF Power

Ease of use and design re-use across frequencies have not traditionally been associated with RF power solutions—until now. NXP RF power introduces two new power blocks that promise to become a new standard for years to come.

1/2/2019 7:42:50 PM

Part List

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
RF TRANSISTOR 100W TO-220MRF101ANRF TRANSISTOR 100W TO-220174 - ImmediateView Details
RF TRANSISTOR 100W TO-220MRF101BNRF TRANSISTOR 100W TO-220247 - ImmediateView Details
RF MOSFET LDMOS 50V TO247MRF300ANRF MOSFET LDMOS 50V TO24789 - ImmediateView Details
RF MOSFET LDMOS 50V TO247MRF300BNRF MOSFET LDMOS 50V TO247203 - ImmediateView Details