Image of Bel Power Solutions DIN Rail Power Supply

DIN Rail AC-DC and DC-DC Power Supplies

Bel Power Solutions
Bel Corporation

This presentation will provide an overview of the DIN Rail Power Supplies with a wide range of output voltages and power ranges from Bel. By implementing simple technologies and digital solutions, systems can be guaranteed maximum safety. Applications range from board-mount power to system-level architectures for servers, storage, networking, industrial and telecommunications.

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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
LDN240-12 datasheet linkAC/DC CONVERTER 12V 240WLDN240-12AC/DC CONVERTER 12V 240W33 - Immediate
LDN240-12 product page link
LDN20-12 datasheet linkAC/DC CONVERTER 12V 20WLDN20-12AC/DC CONVERTER 12V 20W38 - Immediate
LDN20-12 product page link
LDN20-24 datasheet linkAC/DC CONVERTER 24V 20WLDN20-24AC/DC CONVERTER 24V 20W36 - Immediate
LDN20-24 product page link
LDN40-12 datasheet linkAC/DC CONVERTER 12V 40WLDN40-12AC/DC CONVERTER 12V 40W46 - Immediate
LDN40-12 product page link
LDN40-24 datasheet linkAC/DC CONVERTER 24V 40WLDN40-24AC/DC CONVERTER 24V 40W32 - Immediate
LDN40-24 product page link
LDN80-24 datasheet linkAC/DC CONVERTER 24V 80WLDN80-24AC/DC CONVERTER 24V 80W19 - Immediate
LDN80-24 product page link
LDN80-12 datasheet linkAC/DC CONVERTER 12V 80WLDN80-12AC/DC CONVERTER 12V 80W12 - Immediate
LDN80-12 product page link
LDN120-24P datasheet linkAC/DC CONVERTER 24V 120W ORINGLDN120-24PAC/DC CONVERTER 24V 120W ORING42 - Immediate
LDN120-24P product page link
LDN120-12 datasheet linkAC/DC CONVERTER 12V 120WLDN120-12AC/DC CONVERTER 12V 120W13 - Immediate
LDN120-12 product page link
LDN120-48P datasheet linkAC/DC CONVERTER 48V 120W ORINGLDN120-48PAC/DC CONVERTER 48V 120W ORING15 - Immediate
LDN120-48P product page link
LDN40-12D datasheet linkAC/DC CONVERTER 12V 40W DUALLDN40-12DAC/DC CONVERTER 12V 40W DUAL0LDN40-12D product page link
LDN120-24 datasheet linkAC/DC CONVERTER 24V 120WLDN120-24AC/DC CONVERTER 24V 120W0LDN120-24 product page link
LDN240-24 datasheet linkAC/DC CONVERTER 24V 240WLDN240-24AC/DC CONVERTER 24V 240W0LDN240-24 product page link
LDD120-1212 datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTER 12V 120WLDD120-1212DC/DC CONVERTER 12V 120W0LDD120-1212 product page link
LDD120-1224 datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTER 24V 120WLDD120-1224DC/DC CONVERTER 24V 120W0LDD120-1224 product page link
LDD120-2412 datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTER 12V 120WLDD120-2412DC/DC CONVERTER 12V 120W0LDD120-2412 product page link
LDD120-2424 datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTER 24V 120WLDD120-2424DC/DC CONVERTER 24V 120W0LDD120-2424 product page link
LDD120-4812 datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTER 12V 120WLDD120-4812DC/DC CONVERTER 12V 120W0LDD120-4812 product page link
LDD120-4824 datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTER 24V 120WLDD120-4824DC/DC CONVERTER 24V 120W0LDD120-4824 product page link
LOK4001-2RLDG datasheet linkAC/DC CONVERTER 5.1V 50WLOK4001-2RLDGAC/DC CONVERTER 5.1V 50W0LOK4001-2RLDG product page link
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PTM Published on: 2017-08-24