BPM15 Series Rugged Isolated DC-DC Power Modules

Murata Power Solutions offers its BPM15 series encapsulated, isolated, wide-input, bipolar 15 W DC-DC converters

Image of Murata Power Solutions' BPM15 Series Rugged Isolated DC-DC Power ModulesMurata announces the BPM15 series of isolated DC-DC power modules from Murata Power Solutions, designed to deliver 15 W of isolated output power from ±5 V, ±12 V, and ±15 V outputs. This series provides a good balance between electrical performance, rugged mechanical design, and cost, while providing flexibility for power system engineers.

The BPM15 series address a growing demand for isolated DC/DC modules that accept 4:1 input ranges of 9 VDC to 36 VDC and 18 VDC to 75 VDC. These models have an isolation barrier that will withstand 1,600 VDC with a basic insulation system. The series also incorporates the latest pulse width modulation (PWM) technology with SMT and automated assembly components.

The BPM15 is specified to operate over the temperature range of -40°C to 85°C providing the ideal modular power solution for extended environment and high-reliability industrial applications with little or no airflow.

The units are ruggedized and encapsulated in 1" x 1" x 0.4" high, five-sided, shielded metal package designed to optimize thermal and mechanical performance and reliability. They will find applications in harsh environments including industrial, smart grid, data storage, networking, computing/server, and telecommunications.

The BPM15 is certified to UL-60950-1, CSA-C22.2 No. 60950-1, IEC/60950-1, 2nd edition.

  • Five-sided shielded metal package reduces radiated emissions
  • Industry-standard 1" x 1" x 0.4" encapsulated package and pinout
  • Wide range input voltages 9 VDC to 36 VDC and 18 VDC to 75 VDC
  • Bipolar ±5 V, ±12 V, and ±15 V outputs
  • Up to 15 W or greater total output power with overtemperature shutdown
  • Isolation up to 1,600 VDC (basic)
  • High efficiency flyback topology
  • Usable -40°C to 85°C temperature range (with derating)
  • Assembly and attachment for RoHS standards
  • Extensive self-protection shut down features
  • Meets UL 60950-1, CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 60950-1, IEC60950-1, EN60950-1 safety approvals (2nd Edition)

BPM15 Series Rugged Isolated DC-DC Power Modules

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeNumber of OutputsAvailable QuantityView Details
BPM15-150-Q12-C datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER +/-15V 15WBPM15-150-Q12-CDC DC CONVERTER +/-15V 15WIsolated Module2175 - Immediate
BPM15-150-Q12-C product page link
BPM15-150-Q12P-C datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER +/-15V 15WBPM15-150-Q12P-CDC DC CONVERTER +/-15V 15WIsolated Module2126 - Immediate
BPM15-150-Q12P-C product page link
BPM15-050-Q48-C datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER +/-5V 15WBPM15-050-Q48-CDC DC CONVERTER +/-5V 15WIsolated Module2367 - Immediate
BPM15-050-Q48-C product page link
BPM15-120-Q12-C datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER +/-12V 15WBPM15-120-Q12-CDC DC CONVERTER +/-12V 15WIsolated Module2117 - Immediate
BPM15-120-Q12-C product page link
BPM15-050-Q12P-C datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER +/-5V 15WBPM15-050-Q12P-CDC DC CONVERTER +/-5V 15WIsolated Module2133 - Immediate
BPM15-050-Q12P-C product page link
BPM15-150-Q12N-C datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER +/-15V 15WBPM15-150-Q12N-CDC DC CONVERTER +/-15V 15WIsolated Module2115 - Immediate
BPM15-150-Q12N-C product page link
BPM15-120-Q12P-C datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER +/-12V 15WBPM15-120-Q12P-CDC DC CONVERTER +/-12V 15WIsolated Module221 - Immediate
BPM15-120-Q12P-C product page link
BPM15-050-Q12-C datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER +/-5V 15WBPM15-050-Q12-CDC DC CONVERTER +/-5V 15WIsolated Module240 - Immediate
BPM15-050-Q12-C product page link
BPM15-120-Q48-C datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER +/-12V 15WBPM15-120-Q48-CDC DC CONVERTER +/-12V 15WIsolated Module277 - Immediate
BPM15-120-Q48-C product page link
BPM15-050-Q48P-C datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER +/-5V 15WBPM15-050-Q48P-CDC DC CONVERTER +/-5V 15WIsolated Module294 - Immediate
BPM15-050-Q48P-C product page link
BPM15-120-Q48P-C datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER +/-12V 15WBPM15-120-Q48P-CDC DC CONVERTER +/-12V 15WIsolated Module287 - Immediate
BPM15-120-Q48P-C product page link
BPM15-150-Q48P-C datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER +/-15V 15WBPM15-150-Q48P-CDC DC CONVERTER +/-15V 15WIsolated Module270 - Immediate
BPM15-150-Q48P-C product page link
BPM15-050-Q12N-C datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER +/-5V 15WBPM15-050-Q12N-CDC DC CONVERTER +/-5V 15WIsolated Module289 - Immediate
BPM15-050-Q12N-C product page link
BPM15-120-Q12N-C datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER +/-12V 15WBPM15-120-Q12N-CDC DC CONVERTER +/-12V 15WIsolated Module284 - Immediate
BPM15-120-Q12N-C product page link
BPM15-150-Q48N-C datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER +/-15V 15WBPM15-150-Q48N-CDC DC CONVERTER +/-15V 15WIsolated Module283 - Immediate
BPM15-150-Q48N-C product page link
BPM15-050-Q48N-C datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER +/-5V 15WBPM15-050-Q48N-CDC DC CONVERTER +/-5V 15WIsolated Module266 - Immediate
BPM15-050-Q48N-C product page link
BPM15-120-Q48N-C datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER +/-12V 15WBPM15-120-Q48N-CDC DC CONVERTER +/-12V 15WIsolated Module236 - Immediate
BPM15-120-Q48N-C product page link
BPM15-150-Q48-C datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER +/-15V 15WBPM15-150-Q48-CDC DC CONVERTER +/-15V 15WIsolated Module20BPM15-150-Q48-C product page link
Published: 2016-05-25