DL Series (ZIF) Connectors

ITT Cannon offers DL series Zero Insertion Force (ZIF), low-cost, high-performance connectors

Image of ITT Cannon's DL Series (ZIF) ConnectorsITT Cannon's DL series of Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) connectors fill the need in the medical, commercial/industrial, computer, and peripheral equipment market places for low-cost, high-performance multiple-wire power and signal connectors.

DL connectors feature a minimum rated life of 10,000 complete mating and unmating cycles with no performance loss, can be mated and unmated in less than two seconds even with as many as 2496 contact, and cost less (often as much as 25% less) per mated line than singular high density rack-and-panel connectors.

Combining their special design with commercial grade materials and low-cost crimp, PCB, and wire wrap hermaphroditic contacts that may be hand or machine terminated, makes the DL Series of ZIF connectors one of the finest low-cost-per-mated line I/O connectors available today.

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  • Medical
  • Test and instrument
  • Commercial / Industrial manufacturing
  • Entertainment
  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation

DL Series Connectors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
030-2409-003 datasheet linkCONN CONTACT BUMP 20-22AWG GOLD030-2409-003CONN CONTACT BUMP 20-22AWG GOLD38532 - Immediate
030-2409-003 product page link
030-2410-003 datasheet linkCONN CONTACT BUMP 24-26AWG GOLD030-2410-003CONN CONTACT BUMP 24-26AWG GOLD6981 - Immediate
030-2410-003 product page link
DL1-156P datasheet linkCONN HSG 156POS ZIF PLUGDL1-156PCONN HSG 156POS ZIF PLUG1122 - Immediate
DL1-156P product page link
DL1-156R datasheet linkCONN HSG 156POS ZIF RCPTDL1-156RCONN HSG 156POS ZIF RCPT487 - Immediate
DL1-156R product page link
DL1-156RW-6B datasheet linkRCPT HOUSING 156POS ZIF SQ POSTDL1-156RW-6BRCPT HOUSING 156POS ZIF SQ POST562 - Immediate
DL1-156RW-6B product page link
DL2-96P datasheet linkCONN HSG 96POS ZIF PLUGDL2-96PCONN HSG 96POS ZIF PLUG324 - Immediate
DL2-96P product page link
DL2-96R datasheet linkRCPT HOUSING 96POS ZIFDL2-96RRCPT HOUSING 96POS ZIF255 - Immediate
DL2-96R product page link
DL3-60P datasheet linkPLUG HOUSING 60POS ZIFDL3-60PPLUG HOUSING 60POS ZIF284 - Immediate
DL3-60P product page link
DL3-60R datasheet linkCONN HSG 60POS ZIF RCPTDL3-60RCONN HSG 60POS ZIF RCPT44 - Immediate
DL3-60R product page link
CONN CONTACT BUMP 20-22AWG GOLD030-2409-001CONN CONTACT BUMP 20-22AWG GOLD63812 - Immediate
030-2409-001 product page link
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Published: 2012-06-29