Alpha Connect M8 Cordsets

Alpha Wire offers their Alpha connect M8 cordsets providing a compact size that enables cleaner cable management

Image of Alpha Wire's Connect M8 CordsetsThese rugged, over-molded cordsets provide a convenient plug-and-play solution, allowing for shorter installation times and easier field installation while at the same time reducing chances of human error. These cordsets use Alpha Wire's premium cable jackets, like their EcoFlex PUR, PLTC-rated TPE, and -40°C PVC. Pair Alpha Wire's cordsets with  M8 and M12 passive distribution boxes, receptacles, field attachables, and splitters for a one-stop shop for connectivity needs.

  • Rugged overmolding
  • M8, M12, RJ45, MINI, and M23 connectors
  • Connectors on one or both ends
  • Seven standard lengths ranging from 0.6 meters to 20 meters
  • 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-, 8-, 12-, 19-pin constructions available
  • Rated up to 5 million flex life cycles
  • Compliance with IP65, IP67, and IP68/NEMA 6P standards
  • No minimums
  • Custom capabilities
  • Handling and conveyor systems
  • Machinery:
    • Machine tooling, robotics, welding
  • Machine building
  • Packaging industry
  • Food and beverages

Connect M8 Cordsets

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
DR04AR105 SL356 datasheet linkCBL FMALE TO MALE 4POS 3.28'DR04AR105 SL356CBL FMALE TO MALE 4POS 3.28'733 - Immediate
DR04AR105 SL356 product page link
DW04QR117 TL356 datasheet linkM8F STR TO CUT 4POLDW04QR117 TL356M8F STR TO CUT 4POL11 - Immediate
DW04QR117 TL356 product page link
PR03KW113 YL356 datasheet linkCBL FMALE RA TO MALE 3POS 3.28'PR03KW113 YL356CBL FMALE RA TO MALE 3POS 3.28'12 - Immediate
PR03KW113 YL356 product page link
PR03KR113 YL356 datasheet linkCBL MALE TO FMALE 3POS 3.28'PR03KR113 YL356CBL MALE TO FMALE 3POS 3.28'10 - Immediate
PR03KR113 YL356 product page link
PR03KW113 YL358 datasheet linkCBL FMALE RA TO MALE 3POS 16.4'PR03KW113 YL358CBL FMALE RA TO MALE 3POS 16.4'10 - Immediate
PR03KW113 YL358 product page link
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Published: 2016-11-23