EMC Shielding Solutions

Harwin's range of EMC shielding products solve EMI, RFI and grounding issues. These SMT designs eliminate the need for hand soldering and are ready for fully automated assembly. This wide range of products increases reliability while decreasing costs. Suitable for every stage of product development from prototyping through volume manufacturing.

Spring Contact Development Kit

Select the perfect SMT spring contact in minutes using Harwin's spring contact development kit, which is ideal for fast prototyping.

Spring Contacts

These RFI Spring Contacts can be assembled to PCBs and used as grounding or shielding contacts, in contact with metal frames or shields. Suitable for both wiping and sliding action, the individual contacts are ideal for automated placement.

Shield Can Clips

Also referred to as RFI Shield Clips, these clips are a fast and convenient method of securing a RFI shield can to a PCB. This removes secondary soldering, and makes re-work and maintenance damage-free and easy.

Shield Cans

Used with the EZ-Shield Clips, these cans are an effective shield against RFI. They are easy to remove, yet held securely by the Shield Clips, enabling re-work and maintenance to be damage-free and easy.

Shield Can Kit

EZ-Shield Cans are available in kit form for fast, low-cost development, allowing you to build your own EMC protection. Simple to use, with full instructions and easy-to-follow video available.