DC-DC Converter

MTC1 Series of DC/DC Converters

Murata Power Solutions Inc

This presentation will introduce the MTC1 series, 1W surface mount regulated output voltage DC/DC converters. It will review the features and benefits of the MTC1 series, list the models and specifications and highlight the products smaller footprint.

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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeNumber of OutputsView Details
MTC1S1203MC-R7 datasheet linkCONV DC/DC 3.3V 1WMTC1S1203MC-R7CONV DC/DC 3.3V 1WIsolated Module1MTC1S1203MC-R7 product page link
MTC1S1205MC-R7 datasheet linkCONV DC/DC 5V 1WMTC1S1205MC-R7CONV DC/DC 5V 1WIsolated Module1MTC1S1205MC-R7 product page link
MTC1S1212MC-R7 datasheet linkCONV DC/DC 12V 1WMTC1S1212MC-R7CONV DC/DC 12V 1WIsolated Module1MTC1S1212MC-R7 product page link
MTC1S2403MC-R7 datasheet linkCONV DC/DC 3.3V 1WMTC1S2403MC-R7CONV DC/DC 3.3V 1WIsolated Module1MTC1S2403MC-R7 product page link
MTC1S2405MC-R7 datasheet linkCONV DC/DC 5V 1WMTC1S2405MC-R7CONV DC/DC 5V 1WIsolated Module1MTC1S2405MC-R7 product page link
MTC1S2412MC-R7 datasheet linkCONV DC/DC 12V 1WMTC1S2412MC-R7CONV DC/DC 12V 1WIsolated Module1MTC1S2412MC-R7 product page link
MTC1528S12 datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTERMTC1528S12DC/DC CONVERTERIsolated Module1MTC1528S12 product page link
MTC1528S15 datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTERMTC1528S15DC/DC CONVERTERIsolated Module1MTC1528S15 product page link
MTC1528S28 datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTERMTC1528S28DC/DC CONVERTERIsolated Module1MTC1528S28 product page link
MTC1528S05 datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTERMTC1528S05DC/DC CONVERTERIsolated Module1MTC1528S05 product page link
MTC1528S3V3 datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTERMTC1528S3V3DC/DC CONVERTERIsolated Module1MTC1528S3V3 product page link
MTC1528D12 datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTERMTC1528D12DC/DC CONVERTERIsolated Module2MTC1528D12 product page link
MTC1528D15 datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTERMTC1528D15DC/DC CONVERTERIsolated Module2MTC1528D15 product page link
MTC15028S05 datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTERMTC15028S05DC/DC CONVERTERIsolated Module1MTC15028S05 product page link
MTC15028S12 datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTERMTC15028S12DC/DC CONVERTERIsolated Module1MTC15028S12 product page link
MTC15028S15 datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTERMTC15028S15DC/DC CONVERTERIsolated Module1MTC15028S15 product page link
MTC15028S28 datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTERMTC15028S28DC/DC CONVERTERIsolated Module1MTC15028S28 product page link
MTC15028S3V3 datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTERMTC15028S3V3DC/DC CONVERTERIsolated Module1MTC15028S3V3 product page link
MTC15028D12 datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTERMTC15028D12DC/DC CONVERTERIsolated Module2MTC15028D12 product page link
MTC15028D15 datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTERMTC15028D15DC/DC CONVERTERIsolated Module2MTC15028D15 product page link
PTM Published on: 2015-08-17