OKDx-T/90 Digital PoL DC-DC Converter Series

Murata's OKDx-T/90-W12-xxx-C 94% efficient, 90 A, PMBus™ compliant PoL DC-DC converters targeted for FPGA and processor power applications

Image of Murata's OKDx-T/90-W12-xxx-C 90A Digital PoL DC-DC Converter SeriesMurata further expands its OKD series of digital PoL DC-DC converters by launching the 90 A/162 W OKDx-T/90 series. This is the highest current-rated product in the OKD series, which already provides solutions from 6 A to 60 A. The OKDx-T/90 series is ideally suited for FPGA and processor applications. The module is specified to operate over a VIN range of 7.5 V to 14 V and provides a user-adjustable VOUT in the range of 0.6 VDC to 1.8 VDC with industry leading efficiency of 94%. The OKDx-T/90 is available in three different package configurations.

The OKDx-T/90 is ideal for space-constrained embedded applications where performance is critical to the application. Critical performance parameters are fully accessible through the PMBus via the Murata Power Designer GUI software. The OKDx-T/90-W12 series converters are delivered with a default firmware configuration suitable for a wide operating range in terms of input voltage, output voltage, and loading conditions. The OKDx-T/90 operates over a VIN range from 7.5 V to 14 V; VOUT can be adjusted from 0.6 V to 1.8 V, with a typical efficiency of 94% with 12 VIN, at 1.8 V out and 50% load.

The converters are suitable for any application requiring high current processor power, particularly in areas such as networking, computing/servers, telecom, powering FPGAs, CPUs, programmable logic, mixed voltage systems, advanced computing, and all distributed power applications.

  • Input voltage range of 7.5 VDC to 14VDC
  • 0.6 V to 1.8 V output voltage range
  • High efficiency, typ. 94.3% at 12VIN, 1.8 VOUT half-load
  • Configuration and monitoring via PMBus
  • Synchronization and phase spreading
  • Current sharing, voltage tracking, and voltage margining
  • MTBF 14.95 Mhrs
  • Non-linear response for reduction of decoupling capacitor
  • Remote on/off control and power good
  • Output short-circuit, output overvoltage, and over temperature protection
  • Certified to UL/IEC 60950-1

OKDx-T/90-W12-xxx-C Converter Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionMounting TypePackage / CaseAvailable QuantityView Details
OKDY-T/90-W12-001-C datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 0.6-1.8VOKDY-T/90-W12-001-CDC DC CONVERTER 0.6-1.8VSurface Mount28-SMD Module65 - Immediate
OKDY-T/90-W12-001-C product page link
OKDH-T/90-W12-001-C datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 0.6-1.8VOKDH-T/90-W12-001-CDC DC CONVERTER 0.6-1.8VThrough Hole28-DIP Module130 - Immediate
OKDH-T/90-W12-001-C product page link
OKDX-T/90-W12-001-C datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 0.6-1.8VOKDX-T/90-W12-001-CDC DC CONVERTER 0.6-1.8VThrough Hole26-SIP Module0OKDX-T/90-W12-001-C product page link
Published: 2017-06-08