CR Family of Low-Power DC-DC Converters

Murata Power Solutions offers the CR family of unregulated, UL60950-recognized DC-DC converters in SIP, DIP, or SMD packages

Image of Murata Power Solutions' CR Family of Low Power DC-DC ConvertersMurata Power’s proven ability to blend circuit topologies and high-performance components in rugged packages has led to a family of low-power DC-DC converters. Featuring the cost effective CRE1, CRE2, CRR1, CRV1, and CRV2 family of industrial temperature range DC-DC converters, Murata Power can offer a comprehensive range of input and output voltage combinations in popular packages. The varied options in foot print and packaging provide solutions for a wide range of low power applications making the CR family DC-DC converters ideal for on-board distributed power systems requirements.

The CR family is available in a range of industry standard SIP, DIP, and SMD packages with guaranteed start-up from -40°C and full 1 W output at +85°C. The CR’s family galvanic isolation can provide immunity to noise transients, and can also provide step-up output voltages, for example, an input voltage of 3.3 V to an output voltage of 5 V. The galvanic isolation allows the DC-DC converters to be configured to provide an isolated negative rail in systems where only positive rails exist, thus adding to the flexibility of the CR family of DC-DC converters.

  • UL60950 recognized 
  • Single and dual outputs available 
  • Industry-standard pinouts
  • Guaranteed start-up from -40°C
  • Full 1 W output at +85°C
  • 1 kVDC and 3 kVDC isolation test voltage options
  • Fully encapsulated for harsh environments 
  • Input voltages 3.3 V, 5 V, 12 V, and 24 V
  • Output voltages 5 V, 12 V, 15 V, and ±12 V
  • Industrial controls
  • Instrumentation
  • Communication interface isolation 
  • Distributed power systems

CR Family of Low-Power DC-DC Converters

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionNumber of OutputsVoltage - Input (Min)Voltage - Input (Max)Available QuantityView Details
CRE1S0505SC datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 5V 1WCRE1S0505SCDC DC CONVERTER 5V 1W14.5V5.5V2441 - Immediate
CRE1S0505SC product page link
CRE1S0505S3C datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 5V 1WCRE1S0505S3CDC DC CONVERTER 5V 1W14.5V5.5V1393 - Immediate
CRE1S0505S3C product page link
CRE1S0505MC-R datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 5V 1WCRE1S0505MC-RDC DC CONVERTER 5V 1W14.5V5.5V460 - Immediate
CRE1S0505MC-R product page link
CRR1S0505SC datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 5V 1WCRR1S0505SCDC DC CONVERTER 5V 1W14.5V5.5V318 - Immediate
CRR1S0505SC product page link
CRE1S2405SC datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 5V 1WCRE1S2405SCDC DC CONVERTER 5V 1W121.6V26.4V306 - Immediate
CRE1S2405SC product page link
CRV1S0505SC datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 5V 1WCRV1S0505SCDC DC CONVERTER 5V 1W14.5V5.5V342 - Immediate
CRV1S0505SC product page link
CRV1S1215SC datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 15V 1WCRV1S1215SCDC DC CONVERTER 15V 1W110.8V13.2V1527 - Immediate
CRV1S1215SC product page link
CRL2S0505SC datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 5V 2WCRL2S0505SCDC DC CONVERTER 5V 2W14.5V5.5V940 - Immediate
CRL2S0505SC product page link
CRV2S0505SC datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 5V 2WCRV2S0505SCDC DC CONVERTER 5V 2W14.5V5.5V764 - Immediate
CRV2S0505SC product page link
CRE1S0505MEC-R datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 5V 1WCRE1S0505MEC-RDC DC CONVERTER 5V 1W14.5V5.5V115 - Immediate
CRE1S0505MEC-R product page link
CRE1S0515SC datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 15V 1WCRE1S0515SCDC DC CONVERTER 15V 1W14.5V5.5V500 - Immediate
CRE1S0515SC product page link
CRE1S0305S3C datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 5V 1WCRE1S0305S3CDC DC CONVERTER 5V 1W12.97V3.63V558 - Immediate
CRE1S0305S3C product page link
CRE1S2412SC datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 12V 1WCRE1S2412SCDC DC CONVERTER 12V 1W121.6V26.4V158 - Immediate
CRE1S2412SC product page link
CRV1D0512SC datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER +/-12V 1WCRV1D0512SCDC DC CONVERTER +/-12V 1W24.5V5.5V325 - Immediate
CRV1D0512SC product page link
CRV1D1212SC datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER +/-12V 1WCRV1D1212SCDC DC CONVERTER +/-12V 1W210.8V13.2V212 - Immediate
CRV1D1212SC product page link
CRL2S1205SC datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 5V 2WCRL2S1205SCDC DC CONVERTER 5V 2W110.8V13.2V102 - Immediate
CRL2S1205SC product page link
CRE1S1205SC datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 5V 1WCRE1S1205SCDC DC CONVERTER 5V 1W110.8V13.2V0CRE1S1205SC product page link
CRE1S0505DC datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 5V 1WCRE1S0505DCDC DC CONVERTER 5V 1W14.5V5.5V0CRE1S0505DC product page link
CRE1S1212SC datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 12V 1WCRE1S1212SCDC DC CONVERTER 12V 1W110.8V13.2V0CRE1S1212SC product page link
Published: 2017-06-05