MG Series IGBT Power Semiconductor Modules

IGBT power semiconductor modules from Littelfuse available in S/D/H/W/WB packages

Image of Littelfuse's MG Series IGBT Power ModulesAn expanded offering of IGBT module power semiconductor products for motor control and inverter applications is now available from Littelfuse. IGBT power modules are available in a broad range of topologies, including half-bridge, six-pack, and PIM modules in industry-standard S, D, H, W, and WB packages, with ratings up to 1700 V and 450 A.These modules offer the high-efficiency and fast switching speeds of modern IGBT technology in a robust and flexible format. In addition to the standard designs, these modules will find many power applications in industrial electronics, including industrial drives and motion control, solar invertors, UPS/switched mode power supplies, and welding machines.

Features Benefits
  • Ultra-low loss
  • High ruggedness
  • High short circuit capability
  • Positive temperature coefficient device
  • Incorporate fast free-wheeling diodes
  • High-efficiency and switching speed
  • High reliability in demanding applications
  • Reduced protection requirements
  • Like devices are easily paralleled to increase current handling capability
  • Provides an integrated solution in a compact module package

IGBT Power Semiconductor Modules MG Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionVoltage - Collector Emitter Breakdown (Max)Available QuantityView Details
MG12300D-BN3MM datasheet linkIGBT MODULE PACKAGE D1200V 300AMG12300D-BN3MMIGBT MODULE PACKAGE D1200V 300A1200V0MG12300D-BN3MM product page link
IGBT MODULE PACKAGE D 600V 400AMG06400D-BN1MMIGBT MODULE PACKAGE D 600V 400A600V0MG06400D-BN1MM product page link
MG12150S-BN2MM datasheet linkIGBT 1200V 200A 625W PKG SMG12150S-BN2MMIGBT 1200V 200A 625W PKG S1200V36 - Immediate
MG12150S-BN2MM product page link
MG12100D-BA1MM datasheet linkIGBT 1200V 160A 1000W PKG DMG12100D-BA1MMIGBT 1200V 160A 1000W PKG D1200V18 - Immediate
MG12100D-BA1MM product page link
MG12150D-BA1MM datasheet linkIGBT 1200V 210A 1100W PKG DMG12150D-BA1MMIGBT 1200V 210A 1100W PKG D1200V0MG12150D-BA1MM product page link
MG06300D-BN4MM datasheet linkIGBT 600V 400A 940W PKG DMG06300D-BN4MMIGBT 600V 400A 940W PKG D600V17 - Immediate
MG06300D-BN4MM product page link
MG12200D-BN2MM datasheet linkIGBT 1200V 290A 1050W PKG DMG12200D-BN2MMIGBT 1200V 290A 1050W PKG D1200V20 - Immediate
MG12200D-BN2MM product page link
MG12200D-BA1MM datasheet linkIGBT 1200V 300A 1400W PKG DMG12200D-BA1MMIGBT 1200V 300A 1400W PKG D1200V30 - Immediate
MG12200D-BA1MM product page link
MG12225WB-BN2MM datasheet linkIGBT 1200V 325A 1050W PKG WBMG12225WB-BN2MMIGBT 1200V 325A 1050W PKG WB1200V21 - Immediate
MG12225WB-BN2MM product page link
MG06400D-BN4MM datasheet linkIGBT 600V 500A 1250W PKG DMG06400D-BN4MMIGBT 600V 500A 1250W PKG D600V50 - Immediate
MG06400D-BN4MM product page link
MG12300D-BA1MM datasheet linkIGBT 1200V 450A 1800W PKG DMG12300D-BA1MMIGBT 1200V 450A 1800W PKG D1200V0MG12300D-BA1MM product page link
MG06600WB-BN4MM datasheet linkIGBT 600V 700A 1500W PKG WBMG06600WB-BN4MMIGBT 600V 700A 1500W PKG WB600V1 - Immediate
MG06600WB-BN4MM product page link
MG12300WB-BN2MM datasheet linkIGBT 1200V 500A 1400W PKG WBMG12300WB-BN2MMIGBT 1200V 500A 1400W PKG WB1200V12 - Immediate
MG12300WB-BN2MM product page link
MG12400D-BN2MM datasheet linkIGBT 1200V 580A 1925W PKG DMG12400D-BN2MMIGBT 1200V 580A 1925W PKG D1200V0MG12400D-BN2MM product page link
MG12300D-BN2MM datasheet linkIGBT MODULE PACKAGE D1200V 300AMG12300D-BN2MMIGBT MODULE PACKAGE D1200V 300A1200V24 - Immediate
MG12300D-BN2MM product page link
MG1250S-BA1MM datasheet linkIGBT 1200V 80A 500W PKG SMG1250S-BA1MMIGBT 1200V 80A 500W PKG S1200V106 - Immediate
MG1250S-BA1MM product page link
MG0675S-BN4MM datasheet linkIGBT 600V 100A 250W PKG SMG0675S-BN4MMIGBT 600V 100A 250W PKG S600V5 - Immediate
MG0675S-BN4MM product page link
MG1275S-BA1MM datasheet linkIGBT 1200V 105A 630W PKG SMG1275S-BA1MMIGBT 1200V 105A 630W PKG S1200V68 - Immediate
MG1275S-BA1MM product page link
MG06100S-BN4MM datasheet linkIGBT 600V 125A 330W PKG SMG06100S-BN4MMIGBT 600V 125A 330W PKG S600V26 - Immediate
MG06100S-BN4MM product page link
MG06100S-BR1MM datasheet linkIGBT 600V 150A 625W PKG SMG06100S-BR1MMIGBT 600V 150A 625W PKG S600V18 - Immediate
MG06100S-BR1MM product page link
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Published: 2015-02-23