Gecko Screw-Lok Series 1.25 mm Pitch High Reliability Connectors

Harwin offers the Gecko Screw-Lok series extending the 1.25 mm micro signal high-reliability connector range

Image of Harwin's Gecko Screw-Lok 1.25 mm Pitch High Reliability ConnectorsHarwin’s Gecko Screw-Lok series delivers high reliability with a smaller footprint and increased design flexibility. The ruggedized screw fixings have a 2 mm screw thread for maximum strain relief and security.  Able to withstand repeated mating cycles without damage.  Gecko-SL connectors have captive screws with hex socket heads to prevent slipping during assembly and a “mate before lock” feature for fast assembly and increased usability.  

The miniature size of the Gecko SL connector results in a space and weight savings on the board. Up to 45% footprint savings and up to a 75% weight saving compared to Micro-D. Lightweight aluminum hoods deliver enhanced electrical continuity, cable protection, and effective EMI/RFI shielding.  Pre-wired contacts are available for prototyping and pre-production.

  • 2.8 A per contact in isolation and 2.0 A all contacts simultaneously
  • Four-finger beryllium copper contact design for high reliability
  • Durability: 1,000 operations
  • Operational temperature: -65°C/+150°C
  • Shock severity Z axis: 981 mm/s2 (100 g) for 6 ms
  • Moldings: glass-filled thermoplastic UL94V-0 (halogen and red phosphorus-free)
  • Three polarizing points to prevent mismating
  • Potting wall feature
  • No. 1 position identified on molding
  • Metal backshell available to shield cable assemblies

Gecko Screw-Lok Series Connectors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionConnector TypeContact TypeAvailable QuantityView Details
G125-MV10605M2P datasheet linkCONN HDR 1.25MM VERT PCB 6POSG125-MV10605M2PCONN HDR 1.25MM VERT PCB 6POSHeaderMale Pin162 - Immediate
G125-MV10605M2P product page link
G125-2240696F1 datasheet linkCONN RCPT 1.25MM 6POSG125-2240696F1CONN RCPT 1.25MM 6POSReceptacleFemale Socket527 - Immediate
G125-2240696F1 product page link
G125-MV11005M2P datasheet linkCONN HDR 1.25MM VERT PCB 10POSG125-MV11005M2PCONN HDR 1.25MM VERT PCB 10POSHeaderMale Pin102 - Immediate
G125-MV11005M2P product page link
G125-MV12005M2P datasheet linkCONN HDR 1.25MM VERT PCB 20POSG125-MV12005M2PCONN HDR 1.25MM VERT PCB 20POSHeaderMale Pin215 - Immediate
G125-MV12005M2P product page link
G125-2241096F1 datasheet linkCONN RCPT 1.25MM 10POSG125-2241096F1CONN RCPT 1.25MM 10POSReceptacleFemale Socket197 - Immediate
G125-2241096F1 product page link
G125-2241696F1 datasheet linkCONN RCPT 1.25MM 16POSG125-2241696F1CONN RCPT 1.25MM 16POSReceptacleFemale Socket117 - Immediate
G125-2241696F1 product page link
G125-2242096F1 datasheet linkCONN RCPT 1.25MM 20POSG125-2242096F1CONN RCPT 1.25MM 20POSReceptacleFemale Socket306 - Immediate
G125-2242096F1 product page link
G125-2245096F1 datasheet linkCONN RCPT 1.25MM 50POSG125-2245096F1CONN RCPT 1.25MM 50POSReceptacleFemale Socket110 - Immediate
G125-2245096F1 product page link
G125-FS11605F1P datasheet linkCONN FHDR 1.25MM VERT SMT 16POSG125-FS11605F1PCONN FHDR 1.25MM VERT SMT 16POSReceptacleFemale Socket150 - Immediate
G125-FS11605F1P product page link
G125-96410F1 datasheet linkCONN HOOD FOR G125-224 10POSG125-96410F1CONN HOOD FOR G125-224 10POS10Gecko Series50 - Immediate
G125-96410F1 product page link
G125-96412F1 datasheet linkCONN HOOD FOR G125-224 12POSG125-96412F1CONN HOOD FOR G125-224 12POS12Gecko Series52 - Immediate
G125-96412F1 product page link
G125-224169600 datasheet linkCONN RCPT 1.25MM 16POSG125-224169600CONN RCPT 1.25MM 16POSReceptacleFemale Socket426 - Immediate
G125-224169600 product page link
G125-224209600 datasheet linkCONN RCPT 1.25MM 20POSG125-224209600CONN RCPT 1.25MM 20POSReceptacleFemale Socket100 - Immediate
G125-224209600 product page link
G125-224269600 datasheet linkCONN RCPT 1.25MM 26POSG125-224269600CONN RCPT 1.25MM 26POSReceptacleFemale Socket99 - Immediate
G125-224269600 product page link
G125-224349600 datasheet linkCONN RCPT 1.25MM 34POSG125-224349600CONN RCPT 1.25MM 34POSReceptacleFemale Socket99 - Immediate
G125-224349600 product page link
G125-224509600 datasheet linkCONN RCPT 1.25MM 50POSG125-224509600CONN RCPT 1.25MM 50POSReceptacleFemale Socket100 - Immediate
G125-224509600 product page link
G125-3240696M1 datasheet linkCONN PLUG 1.25MM 6POSG125-3240696M1CONN PLUG 1.25MM 6POSPlugMale Pin40 - Immediate
G125-3240696M1 product page link
G125-3241096M1 datasheet linkCONN PLUG 1.25MM 10POSG125-3241096M1CONN PLUG 1.25MM 10POSPlugMale Pin26 - Immediate
G125-3241096M1 product page link
G125-3241296M1 datasheet linkCONN PLUG 1.25MM 12POSG125-3241296M1CONN PLUG 1.25MM 12POSPlugMale Pin90 - Immediate
G125-3241296M1 product page link
G125-3241696M1 datasheet linkCONN PLUG 1.25MM 16POSG125-3241696M1CONN PLUG 1.25MM 16POSPlugMale Pin66 - Immediate
G125-3241696M1 product page link
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Published: 2017-06-13